Opening a new comic book is a magic moment : Listening to the cover crackling, smelling the pages, diving into a new story and being stunned by certain drawings, this is what we love and this is what we care about.

We created Bubble to make life of all comic book lovers much easier : Bubble is the best tool to manage its comics library. What are our priorities ? Save time and allow you to track your comic books anywhere. Inform you about new issues and allow you discover your next favorite comic books.

Team 👫

Nicolas Dévé

Business development, legal & financing

Entrepreneurship is creating things out of nothing. Creating a product, get people to work together to give birth to a team, a vision, values, all of this out of nothing ! This gives me the flow. Second time entrepreneur, I've been working in various marketing & business positions for 8 years in the tech startup industry. I am obsessed with efficiency, time optimization and new organizations. I read comics for 20 years and this is my ambition that Bubble become a key player in the modernization of the fantastic comic book industry.

Benoit Vallon

Development & technology

Lover of JavaScript and all new technologies #reactjs, #docker #machinelearning. I like to create real products that help people.